Bracket Update 3/15/13

We’re coming down to the wire with just 3 days of action left, today being the final day of at least 4 games taking place in many of the top conferences. That also means that today is the last day of widespread bubble action.

In yesterday’s bubble action, teams in the tournament field had mixed results. Illinois, Iowa State, and Oregon scored big wins that cemented their inclusion in the field.

Cincinnati, Villanova, Oklahoma, and Colorado lost games to teams safely in the field, limiting their chances to move up the S-curve. All should feel pretty good about their inclusion on Sunday, however. California suffered a bad loss to Utah, and while they should still feel pretty good about their chances, they will now have a lesser feeling of safety than they may have otherwise.

Teams just out of the tournament fared well. Tennessee and Iowa beat up on conference doormats, avoiding bad losses and surviving, giving each a chance to pick up a big quarterfinal win to bolster their chances.

Teams further off the bubble didn’t fare as well. Baylor’s late rally fell just short against Oklahoma State,  Denver and Louisiana Tech each suffered bad losses in the WAC, and Arkansas, Arizona State, and Xavier suffered losses that ended their longshot hopes of moving up the pecking order.

Here is what today has on tap:

ACC – Virginia has a nearly must-win game against NC State in the 4/5 matchup at 2:30, while Maryland clings to its hail mary attempt to make the tournament as it tries to beat Duke for the second time this season at 7.

Big Ten – The best conference in the country has 4 games that will affect the top four lines on tap in the quarterfinals, with a very intriguing Michigan/Wisconsin matchup at 2:30. Meanwhile, Iowa needs a marquee win, and will have the chance to grab it over Michigan State in the Big Ten nightcap.

Big 12 – The semifinals bring us the top 4 teams in the conference, with Kansas facing Iowa State, and Oklahoma State and Kansas State potentially playing off for a 4-seed in the other semifinal.

Big East – Two great semifinals feature three future ACC squads, as Georgetown plays Syracuse and Louisville plays Notre Dame in two games that could affect the 1-line of the s-curve.

SEC – Lots of bubble action is on tap. Kentucky must beat Vanderbilt to avoid a bad loss, while Ole Miss has one more chance to pick up a big win as it faces Missori in the late game. Finally, Tennessee and Alabama, two of the 8 teams closest to the tournament without currently being in, will face off in an elimination game at 3:30.

Pac-12 – Semifinal action pits Arizona and UCLA in one semi, while Oregon plays potential bid stealer Utah in the other semifinal.

A-10 – Quarterfinal action today pairs Butler and La Salle at 2:30, in a game the Explorers suddenly appear to need. The nightcap between bubble team Temple and longshot UMass is also desperately needed by both teams. Temple has a chance without it, while UMass may need to win the whole A-10 tournament (and definitely needs to make at least the finals) to have a shot.

MWC – The top 4 teams are in action in the semis, as New Mexico plays San Diego State and UNLV plays Colorado St

CUSA – Memphis continues their march through the league, while Southern Miss harbors slim hopes as they play UTEP in the semis.

Other semifinals include the WAC, Big Sky, SWAC, MEAC, Big West, Southland, and MAC, in 1-bid leagues.

Here is the bracket headed into today’s games:

   1 Indiana  Louisville    Duke  Gonzaga 
   2 Miami FL  Kansas    Michigan St.  Georgetown 
   3 Ohio St.  Michigan    New Mexico  Marquette 
   4 Arizona  Syracuse    Kansas St.  Florida 
   5 Oklahoma St.  Pittsburgh    Wisconsin  St. Louis 
   6 Nevada Las Vegas  Creighton    Notre Dame  UCLA 
   7 North Carolina  Memphis    Colorado St.  Virginia Commonwealth 
   8 North Carolina St.  Butler    Minnesota  Missouri 
   9 San Diego St. Iowa St.    Oregon  Illinois 
  10 Villanova  Kentucky    St. Mary’s  Cincinnati 
  11 Wichita St.  California    Colorado  Oklahoma 
  12 Akron  Belmont    La Salle/Boise St.  Temple/Virginia 
  13 Bucknell  Valparaiso    Davidson  Stephen F. Austin 
  14 Iona  Weber St.    South Dakota St.  New Mexico St. 
  15 Harvard  Florida Gulf Coast    Pacific  Vermont 
  16 Texas Southern  Long Island    James Madison  Florida International 
  16 Morgan State  Liberty       
  Next Four  Second Four Out       
  Middle Tennessee  Baylor       
  Mississippi  Southern Mississippi       
  Tennessee  Alabama       
  Iowa  Stanford       

And the bubble picture:

   38 St. Mary’s  81.29     49 Middle Tennessee  96.51
   39 Kentucky  82.26     50 Mississippi  96.66
   40 Villanova  82.66     52 Tennessee  97.46
   41 Wichita St.  83.94     53 Iowa  100.80
   42 California  85.47     54 Baylor  106.09
   43 Colorado  85.58     55 Southern Mississippi  116.07
   44 Oklahoma  86.32     56 Alabama  117.24
   45 Temple  86.90     57 Akron  119.71
   46 Virginia  88.24     58 Stanford  120.39
   47 Boise St.  95.65      
   48 La Salle  96.47      

As well as the teams ahead of the bubble and their relative rankings:

                1 Indiana  3.90
                2 Louisville  5.80
                3 Duke  10.82
                4 Gonzaga  13.01
                5 Georgetown  13.83
                6 Michigan St.  16.00
                7 Kansas  16.64
                8 Miami FL  18.68
                9 Ohio St.  18.72
              10 Michigan  21.88
              11 New Mexico  22.85
              12 Marquette  23.06
              13 Florida  23.53
              14 Kansas St.  35.69
              15 Syracuse  36.38
              16 Arizona  37.70
              17 Oklahoma St.  38.26
              18 Pittsburgh  41.59
              19 Wisconsin  45.13
              20 St. Louis  46.40
              21 UCLA  48.74
              22 Notre Dame  56.20
              23 Creighton  59.03
              24 Nevada Las Vegas  62.21
              25 North Carolina  62.83
              26 Memphis  63.84
              27 Colorado St.  63.86
              28 Virginia Commonwealth  65.33
              29 Missouri  65.87
              30 Minnesota  66.64
              31 Butler  66.79
              32 North Carolina St.  70.01
              33 San Diego St.  72.76
              34 Iowa St.  76.53
              35 Oregon  79.20
              36 Illinois  80.81
              37 Cincinnati  81.07



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