I love college basketball. If you’re reading this, this should come as no shock to you and you probably share the sentiment.

As much as I enjoy the sport, even in the period leading up to March Madness, I probably view the sport from a slightly different perspective than the average fan. I view it from the perspective of numbers, trends, statistics, and what they can tell us about the sport and how they may predict future trends and future performance. I also view it from the perspective that over time, the numbers don’t lie, even when this goes against the prevailing wisdom touted by the press and long time coaches, players, and fans. By staying a step ahead of the trends, you can gleam insights into the sport that give you a competitive advantage on the court or a nuanced understanding of the game as a fan so you can always be a step ahead of those you discuss the game with.

With all that said, the first goal of this blog is to get my insights on paper so they have a forum for discussion and comments. Most fans won’t have a full appreciation for the technical nature of what I’ll talk about, but I’ll do my best to format and discuss my thoughts in the simplest way possible to make what I’m talking about comprehensible to all. A second goal is to bring a little bit of humor to what is otherwise a dreadful time for the basketball program of my alma mater, Wake Forest.

Finally, my goal is to make my readers think a little bit differently about the game and gain a further appreciation for everything that is happening in ways that may not be talked about or readily apparent. Often times, our past experience will inform our opinions of what we’ve seen, and make what we see with out eyes fit into the framework of what we already know. However, if we’re looking through a blurry lens (as in the banner on my home page), we may miss part of the story.

In sum, I intend to use statistics alongside the however many thousands of hours I’ve devoted to playing, watching, and analyzing the sport to make that lens as clear as possible for my readers. I hope you gain some insight from my blog, and hope you’ll pass along any comments or suggestions you may have.



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